First National Conference

Urban planning, Urban management sastainable development

February 2015




81th Izmir International Fair Trade as one of the oldest and most important international exhibitions around 10 to 10 days from the date of 19 September 1391 will be held in Izmir, Turkey's third largest city.Interested people can contact for further information please telephone 77483726-77516614-77516613.




OpenSees software designed and developed by the University of California at Berkeley and the University was due to bugs in the executable program, it was not usable by the student, School of Civil Engineering Faculty of Tehran University was completed and applicable to his name, Faculty of Engineering and This website was registered at the University of Tehran University.

Senior Structural Engineer Mohammad Azadi Kakavand Technical Faculty of Tehran University, the dissertation topic, "Study of degradation processes in reinforced concrete buildings" was required to conduct studies, the OpenSees program offered by the University of California, Berkeley used




Concrete Society of Iran - Khorasan branch of Tehran University and Institute of Building Construction Engineering Organization with the cooperation of Khorasan Razavi province in 1391 with the first workshop on specialized topics and applications of lightweight concrete with a speech by Mohammad Shkrchy born doctor - doctor Nicholas Ali labor and Mr. Majid Salehi, dated Wednesday, September 8 hold.

Interested in more information, refer to the Concrete Society of Iran, Khorasan Branch Time: Wednesday, 06/08/1391 16 to 19 Venue: Amphitheater School of Engineering - University of Mashhad Website: WWW.ICI-KH.COM







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