* Field studies, destructive and non-destructive tests performance in order of evaluation and vulnerability analysis of existing structures.

* Exhibiting the optimum retrofitting and seismic rehabilitation design with synchronic considering of technical, economic and executive parameters.

* Consulting in required materials procurement  and retrofitting projects execution by quality control and supervision within the process.

* Retrofitting by CFRP and GFRP wrap systems with specific material properties in order of strengthening the concrete elements.

* Improvement and strengthening of seismic lateral force resisting system and critical disordering reduction in plan and height of structure.

* Execution of steel and concrete jacketing so as to increase bearing rate in weak elements of existing structure.

* Punching rebars and anchor bolts to join new concrete element to existing structure , installing foundation base plate , etc.

* selling CFRP and GFRP wraps system, resin epoxy, punching rebar anchor epoxy, high strength cement based grout.

* Execution of concrete coring and cutting reinforced concrete by existing method.

* Improving the design and construction  weakness of projects via local structural elements strengthening.

* Concrete repairment and stabilization of deformed and harmed elements.

* Dimension improvement and strengthening of foundation bearing capacity.

* Increasing the stories and changes consideration  in existing structures utility.

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